Original Character PVC Socha 1/6 Maid Maison Too Shiraishi Illu

  • Kód: 140682
  • Přepravní hmotnost: 600kg
  • Výrobce: DMM Factory
7341 Kč
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The first installment of Maid Maison! A popular illustrator's character as a figure in a maid outfit!

Popular illustrator Io Haori's original illustration "Too Shiraishi" is now a 1/6 scale figure in a maid outfit!
The figure is a faithful rendition of the illustration, with careful attention paid to sculpting the delicate details characteristic of Io Haori's work. Visual highlights include Too's thighs, hair and original outfit. Be sure to welcome the adorable maid into your home!

What is Maid Maison?
Maid Maison is an original figure brand by DMM Factory, featuring figures of popular illustrators' original characters in maid outfits. Wouldn't you like to be the master of these charming maids?