Yakuza PVC Socha Goro Majima 17 cm

  • Kód: 132531
  • Přepravní hmotnost: 909kg
  • Výrobce: Digsta
2967 Kč
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Sucre, the Santa Girl drawn by Nekometaru, will be coming to deliver your presents.

"Good kids get presents from Santa"

If I recall, there was a time when we were excited about a big year-end event making us jump out of joy.
But as we get older, we still continue to ask for presents, and one certain individual comes forth... the Santa for Adults....

Bowing your head under the harsh cold weather giving thanks for her trouble, while enduring glances of disdain and disgusts.
Finally, you've been blessed with a giftbox, but the contents are..... Well, it depends on her mood after all.
But a man doesn't care what they're given right?
To see her again next year, We vowed to be an adult who always believed in Santa.

Sucre, the Santa Girl drawn by Nekometaru, will be coming to deliver your presents herself. Delivery services are currently unavailable.

Sucre's favorite Santa outfit is a hat, cape, and bikini that are all cast off.
Micro bikini slingshot also included!
You can enjoy a total of 12 combinations with each parts. Groundbreaking for the remaining 12 days of Christmas!

Yadokari was in charge of sculpt and Junichi Fukui for the paintwork/color production.
With the help of these 2 professionals, we were able to realize the image of a mischievous girl illustrated by Nekometaru.

Have a Merry Christmas with Sucre no matter how old you age henceforth.