Wonders of the Wild Socha Dunkleosteus 42 cm

  • Kód: 110482
  • Přepravní hmotnost: 2500kg
  • Výrobce: X-Plus
9819 Kč
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Star Ace's "Wonders of the Wild" series brings collectors the Dunkleosteus, the largest fish of the Devonian period. Living 382-358 million years ago, this fish was armored and without teeth, just a jaw of armored plates forming a blade that could cut through anything with more jaw force than any other creature of the time. Growing to almost 9 meters long and over 3.6 tonnes, the Dunkleosteus was an alpha predator, fearing nothing except other Dunkleosteus.

The sculptor has re-created this amazing ancient creature from fossils of the skull and jaws and referencing similar placoderms. This formidable fish is depicted with its jaw wide, ready to bite down on its prey. This polyresin statue has been hand painted by the artisans at Kaibutsuya and is 42 cm long. It is mounted to an environment base with a name plate identifying the scientific name and habitat.

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