U2 POP! Moments DLX Vinylová Figurka 4-Pack Zoo TV 1993 Tour 9 c

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U2 - Zoo TV 1993 Tour (US Exclusive) Pop! Moment Deluxe

Tune in and channel the pulsing, driving beats of U2s Zoo TV Tour (1993) with this Pop! Deluxe Moment.

This US Exclusive features The Edge, Bono, Larry Mulle, Jr., and Adam Clayton on stage with spotlights, scaffolding, a drum set, and a backdrop of parked cars and streaming images of Bonos face.

This unique collectible comes in a prepackaged case that can be hung on the wall or displayed in your music collection.

The Pops! inside are secured to the case to keep your display looking pristine.

This Pop! Moment Deluxe commemorates U2s worldwide tour to support the release of Achtung Baby.

Get your tickets and all-access passes to re-create your favorite Pop! Music moments.

Approximate dimensions: 33 x 45,7 x 12,7 cm