The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Socha Hobbit House of Farmer M

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Beyond the village of Hobbiton the gentle green lands of the Shire were peppered with other hobbit dwellings: some clustered in hamlets and others standing alone. Some were typical hobbit burrows, dug into hillsides and banks, but where land was flat the small folk built above ground, roofing their homes and out-building with thatch.

The Maggot family maintained a large farm where they grew corn, cabbages, carrots and potatoes, among other vegetables. Farmer Maggot kept guard dogs to watch over his crops and alert him to intruders on his property, and with good reason.

Certain light-fingered Brandybucks and Tooks had made a habit of lifting tasty vegetables and mushrooms from his fields and outside his farmhouse, but it was an entirely different sort of visitor that startled him as he chopped wood, late one Autumn evening...

Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 7 cm

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