The Captain is Dead desková hra *English Version*

  • Kód: 79590
  • Přepravní hmotnost: 900kg
  • Výrobce: Alderac Entertainment Group
1235 Kč
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The Captain is Dead puts you and up to 6 friends onto your own starship, under attack from hostile aliens and systems going down left and right. Worst of all, your heroic leader, the Captain, lies dead. It's up to you and the various skills you bring to the table, to repair the ship enough to escape while also holding off the alien onslaught. From the Chief Engineer to the Janitor, you never know which combination of survivors you may have, making each game a unique challenge!

- Players: 2-7
- Playing time: 40-60 min
- Recommended Age: 14 years and up

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