Taimanin Yukikaze PVC Akční figurka Mizuki Yukikaze 14 cm

  • Kód: 98678
  • Přepravní hmotnost: 500kg
  • Výrobce: Second Axe
6266 Kč
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Invitation from Taimanin ?Mizuki Yukikaze?!!
From the popular adult game ?Taimanin Series?.
With the lightning strike comes Mizuki Yukikaze!!

Drawn by the artist Nagisa Aoi, this beautiful and confident lady is inspired from Yukikaze 2 era.
With her healthy figure and different gimmicks to bring her to life, Nagisa Aoi made sure everything has been under thorough supervision.

With 4 different facial expressions including her naive shy face and bold stare, interchangeable chest and crotch parts, 2 lightning shooters, hands with distinctive fingertips, waist frills for both sides with or without the holster, and a newly designed stand just for this figure!

The Lightning Strike Taimanin is not famous for nothing! Satisfaction guaranteed!
This design also includes ideas from the genius Takao Kinoshita who was in charged of the prototype.

Enjoy the different and various interchangeable parts. widely different from the previous ?Asagi?.
This is only available to those who make a reservation! Don't miss your chance to get her now!

It stands approx. 14 cm tall and comes with accessories and base in a window box packaging.

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