Spider-Man: No Way Home Egg Attack Figure Spider-Man Black & Gol

  • Kód: 106549
  • Přepravní hmotnost: 232kg
  • Výrobce: Beast Kingdom Toys
2867 Kč
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Beast Kingdom has launched a new figure in the Egg Attack statue series: a combat-posture Spider-Man in the black and gold suit from the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home. The main body is about 17.5 cm high and it sports a fabric suit. Enhancing the overall texture and clothing details, there are working LED lights in the black magic emblem on the chest, symbolizing the secret magic of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. The statue carefully reproduces and portrays an action snapshot from a scene in the movie. Fans of Spider-Man should not miss adding this to their collections. Did Doctor Strange help improve the Spider-Man suit? Is it technology combined with magic? To tackle these questions, let's go into the theater and find the answers together!


- Spider-Man Black & Gold suit, immovable figure, approximate height 17.5 cm
- Reproduces the texture and details of the fabric in Spider-Man's black and gold suit
- Black magic style chest emblem light up with LED lights
- Spider-Man: No Way Home logo base

Requires 3x LR41 batteries, included.

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