Scratch Wars Trading karetní hra Booster Kit 4+1 Case (30) *Germ

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This Case contains 30 Booster Packs with 5 cards each.

Scratch Wars is close to a collectible game, but in certain game modes it's closer to a board game and can be also played online through a phone application for iOS and Android.

In more detail, to start playing Scratch Wars you need only two cards: one hero and one weapon. The cards are unique in several aspects. You can scratch them like lottery tickets, but by doing so you are not destroying or devaluing them. Each hero card is unique. each hero has a unique name and value generated. No one else in the world will have the same card! Slowly uncover the card by scratching it and in combination with unique values, it is pleasantly thrilling.

With an increasing number of weapon cards, you can try a sophisticated one-on-one duel in which you equip your hero with up to five weapons, then think strategically to find out which one to use when. The duel itself is very interesting. you spin a special circular weapon: turntable paper on a stick. The hero has certain levels of energy which you spend using various weapons. Heroes can change weapons during the turn and their proper use is the focus of the game. The game is risk management

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