Resident Evil 3 Soft Socha 1/6 Nemesis 38 cm

  • Kód: 74079
  • Přepravní hmotnost: 300kg
  • Výrobce: Mi Labs
1627 Kč

Soft Statue is not your traditional hard and heavy statue made of PVC or resin, Soft Statue is comprised of a unique mix or materials that allows for your statue to be positioned Into multiple poses, unlike traditional statues you just set on your mantle and stare at, Soft Statue is a whole new way to display or play! nnRelive the horror of Resident Evil with this 38 cm Nemesis Soft Statue! This limited run statue is made of a unique high quality rotocast, and soft bendable parts allowing for you to pose him and display him in your favorite spot.nnDetails:nn- 1:6th Scale Soft Statusn- Rotocast, Head, Hands, Feetn- Inner Posable Armaturen- Detailed Outfitn- Closed Boxn- Limited Quantities

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