Pokémon Diecast Replica Dusk Ball

  • Kód: 105101
  • Přepravní hmotnost: 731kg
  • Výrobce: Wand Company
1812 Kč
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This limited-edition, premium quality, highly accurate Dusk Ball replica is every Pokémon fan's perfect opportunity to celebrate 25 years of Pokémon in this special Anniversary Year. With a diameter of approx. 8 cm perfectly sized, the engineered die-cast metal shell has a deeply coloured surface with touch and proximity sensing built in. The brightly illuminated, multicolour button and lift-to-display illuminated presentation case with a size of approx. 9 x 10 x 10 cm, means this Dusk Ball is a must-have collectible for any millenial Pokémon fan and the start of an exciting Poké Ball collection.