Original Character plastový model kit Solomon 72 Gaiden The Twen

  • Kód: 142772
  • Přepravní hmotnost: 601kg
  • Výrobce: REBODY TEC
979 Kč
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From Rebody Tec "Plastic Model Kit" line comes this Figure. It stands 15 cm tall and comes in a window box packaging.

- 1x Main figure
- 4x Alternative face part (Printed, Default included)
- 4x Alternative hand part sets (Default included)
- 1x Alternative seated body
- 1x Alternative foot part set
- 1x RC scout vehicle
- 1x Game console
- 1x Smartphone
- 1x Shoulder bag
- 1x Clear base set
- 1x Water-transfer decals
- 1x Decal support tool
- 1x Skirt (Red)
- 4x Blank face part (w/painted mouth)
- 1x Alternative hair color part (White) set
- 1x Ribbon (Grey)