Original Character by Raita Magical Girls Series Akční figurka E

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  • Přepravní hmotnost: 306kg
  • Výrobce: Second Axe
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The second installment in our SECOND AXE?HENTAI ACTION series!

A fully articulated action figure of Erika Kuramoto in her Sailor Pink Diamond costume from Perfectly Innocent?Magical Girls~Sailor Jewel, Transform!~ by popular illustrator RAITA!

Through arduous trial and error we've created a true masterpiece, melding RAITA's exquisite female design into a fully articulated figure.

With an articulated bust that moves up and down, accentuating her cleavage to the absolute max, and countless invisible mechanisms... Behold as sculptor Wizard Takao Kinoshita's work is taken to the next level.

Includes 3 interchangeable faces that faithfully capture her distinct expressions, as well as interchangeable exposed breasts, meticulously crafted hands, and her weapon to ensure you have the most play options possible!

A portion of the figure is molded with clear material, painted metallic pearl. There are some truly extravagant touches.

It also comes with a photo book featuring Second Axe's official cosplayer Ichiru! With Ichiru's exquisite beauty paired together with a realistically tailored Sailor Jewel costume, this 80 page full-color photo book is sure to satisfy!

All products will be made to order, so don't let this chance pass you by!

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