Original Character by Eri Natsume PVC Socha 1/6 Misa 24 cm

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  • Přepravní hmotnost: 634kg
  • Výrobce: Progress
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Bad guys will be punished?

Introducing Misa - a blonde young lady by illustrator Eri Natsume!

Wearing a boldly revealing Alice blue costume and flashing a lascivious smile, we've transformed her into this daring figure.

The whip pressing up into her luscious breasts, the beautifully wide hips - every element of her captivating curves has been carefully crafted.

Even fine details, such as the delicate color gradation of her softly flowing hair, and the clear material used to accent parts of her costume, have been given great attention to ensure nothing was left out.

You'll want to slowly savor everything cute and sexy Misa has to offer.