Original Character by Asanagi Girls Series Akční figurka Succubu

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  • Přepravní hmotnost: 282kg
  • Výrobce: Second Axe
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Maou Lisbeth Drawn by Asanagi, Available as a Fully Movable Action Figure!

Under the thorough supervision of Asanagi,
This ambitious project combines physical proportions and mobility.
Like our previous series, the action figure of course has an overwhelming range of motion throughout the body.
Back hair and pigtails are movable. Also newly patented in our company..
You must see the value in these shoulder joints!

"Cast-off" which emphasizes "puffiness" by separating Lisbeth's outfit from her skin is not adopted in this figure.
Instead, a whole interchangeable body part is included.

In addition, Asanagi facial parts (2 types) overflowing with "Asanagi-ness",
2 other sets of Wrist parts and a Base are included.

Please don't miss this opportunity as this is a made to order product only by reservation!

Accessories:Interchangeable Body Part, Interchangeable Face Parts (2 Types), Interchangeable Wrist Parts (2 sets), and Base