Mataro Original Character PVC Socha 1/7 Dracula Revi (Simple Ve

  • Kód: 69605
  • Přepravní hmotnost: 900kg
  • Výrobce: Native
5531 Kč
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The long anticipated first-ever figure of a Mataro original character!Passed down in legend from times immemorial, this terrifying yet beautiful vampire was designed by popular illustrator Mataro.And just as her name Dracula Revi implies, she completely mesmerizes everything seen by her eyes - which glimmer with crimson even in the dark.This highly stylized and incredibly detailed character has been sculpted with utmost precision by artist Ryo Hashimoto.She'll catch you eye like it or not, with her ladylike beauty and cute girlish charm.The simple version includes figure supporting cushion.

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