Marvel Heroic Hands Life-Size Socha #2A Iron Man 23 cm

  • Kód: 115807
  • Přepravní hmotnost: 1000kg
  • Výrobce: Toy Sapiens
2879 Kč
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Hot Toys' flagship store, Toy Sapiens, is finally launching their original project! The first in the series is a 1/1 scale figure of the character's hand, the "Heroic Hand"!

Iron Man's hand from "Marvel Comics" has been sculpted as a 1/1 scale statue, approximately 23 cm tall. The expression of his fingers in the familiar pose, the mechanical red and gold armor, and the repulsor on the palm of his hand are all elaborately finished with attention to texture and detail.

This item, an original project by Toy Sapiens, is perfect as an interior decoration to decorate your space, or as a display item in a store. Get your hands on the "Heroic Hand," a high quality representation of a hero's hand, and enjoy your collection life to the fullest! Keep your eyes peeled for more Toy Sapiens original items coming soon!