Marvel Designer Series Vinyl Socha The Marvelous Stan Lee by Ga

  • Kód: 94391
  • Přepravní hmotnost: 450kg
  • Výrobce: Unruly Industries
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Excelsior! Like the incredible, amazing, and sensational characters he created, the Marvelous Stan Lee Designer Collectible Figure by artist Gabriel Soares captures the larger-than-life personality of this comic book legend.

Measuring 9 tall and 9.4 wide, this energetic representation of Stan The Man Lee strikes a super heroic pose, landing a punch with an explosive burst of yellow. Leaping off the pages of a colorful comic book-themed base, the creative visionary is clad in his signature green sweater, tinted shades, and super smile, just as iconic as any hero's mask or four-color costume.

True Believers, take your collection ever higher with the Marvelous Stan Lee Designer Collectible Figure by Gabriel Soares.

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