Jason and the Argonauts Gigantic Soft Vinyl Socha Ray Harryhaus

  • Kód: 110475
  • Přepravní hmotnost: 2800kg
  • Výrobce: Star Ace Toys
12547 Kč
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Stop motion master, Ray Harryhausen, pitted the noble heroes against animated skeletons in several of his movies. Ray's skeletons provide a creepy, and sometimes funny villain that makes for a great action scene.

Star Ace has re-created Harryhausen's skeletons as a 1/6 scale polyresin statue, armed with sword and shield, ready to take on any hero. The skeleton comes with a rocky terrain base with real grass effects. Get multiple statues to create your own skeleton army!

The Deluxe version of this statue includes a larger base with two more skeletons rising out of the ground, ready to do battle.

Deluxe version is LIMITED EDITION for 800 pcs ONLY.

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