Hexa Gear plastový model kit 1/24 Governor Heavy Armor Type Rook

  • Kód: 114237
  • Přepravní hmotnost: 340kg
  • Výrobce: Kotobukiya
2083 Kč
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Model Specifications:
¦ The large right h
and, a distinguishing feature of the character design, has articulated fingers for creating more human-like poses. It has a 3mm connection point that allows it to hold weapons firmly when joined with the included attachment part.

¦ The gigantic manipulator can be assembled for either the left or right hand. The shoulder armor can also be swapped and attached to either side.

¦ The model is equipped with numerous 3mm hard points that can be used with Modeling Support Goods 3mm BOOST EFFECT and other attachments sold separately.

¦ The abdomen features a pull-out style of articulation that allows for dynamic action poses. In addition to the neck with three articulation points, the shoulders feature a built-in forward swing gimmick. The elbows and knees are double-jointed.

¦ The booster unit on the lower back has a 3mm connection joint at the base and can move flexibly. The tip of each nozzle has a 3mm connection joint for attaching the Modeling Support Goods 3mm BOOST EFFECT sold separately.

¦ Outfitted with special joints, the left and right arms can be used with Frame Arms Girl, Megami Device, SOUSAISHOJOTEIEN, ARCANADEA (sold separately) and more.

¦ The sensor part on the left side of the head is recreated with pre-painted parts. The model is made from three colors: White, gun metallic, and clear orange.

¦ This model can be connected to flying bases, sold separately.

Included items:
¦ Left/Right Conversion Parts for Gigantic Manipulator x 1 Set
¦ Gigantic Manipulator Attachment Part x 1
¦ Hand Parts for Regular Manipulators x 6
(Closed, Open, Weapon Holding 1 [Normal], Weapon Holding 2 [Angled], Hand Sign A, Hand Sign B)
¦ Leg Thruster Ignition Parts x 4
¦ Compatible Joint Parts for Arms x 2
¦ Archive Card x 1