Egg Attack Action Diorama Base Street

  • Kód: 94394
  • Přepravní hmotnost: 100kg
  • Výrobce: Beast Kingdom Toys
727 Kč
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Collectors be blessed! Are you still looking for a platform to display your figures on?

Beast Kingdom proudly presents an all new standalone collectible figure accessory: a street scene diorama platform. The stone pavers that make up the base of the platform are colored in different shades and fragmented as if it had been the site of battle. Its meticulous detail is almost unbelievable! The platform can display 6-inch or 1:12 scale collectible figures. A special metallic hose bracket that suspends a figure in the air adds an element of fun for play and taking photographs. Get your street scene platform now to display your most beloved collectible figures!


- Stone Road Scene
- Metal Snake Tube Holder
- Suitable for all 6 and 1:12 figure

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