Dark Blood Akční figurka 1/6 Hellsaints 33 cm

  • Kód: 73156
  • Přepravní hmotnost: 450kg
  • Výrobce: Dark Crown Toys
9187 Kč

DarkCrown's first heavy weight release of 1/6 scale collectible Figure-Hell's Saint is originated from the original DARKBLOOD's first series of 1/6 scale collectible figures. To defeat evil, we transformed into fear and drive away the darkness with darkness.nnFeatures:nn- 1/6 scale Exquisite Saint's Head (Eyes Equipped with Green LED Kit)n- 33 cm Higher ferrite movable joints Chest includes Special Bone Componentsn- 6 Different Types of Replaceable Hand GesturesnnClothing:nn- Dark Brown Hell Coatn- Black Vestn- BlackLeotardn- Black Belt with Hell Bat MetalBucklen- Black Aging Leather Pantn- Dark Brown BootsnnWeapons:nn- Hell Harvest Attack Form- Metal(15cm)n- Hell Harvest Dormant Mode(17.3cm)nnAccessories:nn- HellTotem Hatn- Hell Rune Neck Beltn- Soul Guard Pauldrosn- Harvest Pauldronsn- Dark crow (Can Put To Stand on Arm or Platform)n- Luxury Grand Platform with Broken Seal (Area: 11 x 17.5 x 23cm, with LED Light Emission Kit and Remote Control)n-DARK BLOOD Story Book: 50 pages of rich content that bring you to the underworld to explore the truth in the hidden darkness!

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