Cu-Poche: Friends Akční figurka White Fox Spirit 13 cm

  • Kód: 73383
  • Přepravní hmotnost: 306kg
  • Výrobce: Kotobukiya
1790 Kč
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The 10th member to join the Cu-poche:friends series is an adorable fox spirit!nnThe Cu-poche series features a variety of adorable action figures with movable joints, and Kotobukiya's original Cu-poche: friends series of original characters was designed to show off these features. Their pocket-sized proportions make them the perfect partner to take along anywhere you go!nnThis cute and mystical fox spirit is the latest addition to the Cu-poche: friends Otogi line, which features an enchanting group of magical characters who seem as if they've come straight from a fairy tale world! White Fox Spirit is always with her best friend, Black Fox Spirit, and while she may not have a way with words, this clever fox spirit can take on almost anything you throw her way!nnAlthough she might look human, this Cu-poche's pointy white fox ears and fluffy tail are sure to remind you that there's more to this cutie than meets the eye.nnThe figure's fox ears and tale are embedded with magnets, making them easy to attach or remove.nnWith White Fox Spirit by your side, plenty of fun new mysteries are sure to come your way!

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