Creators Opinion PVC Socha 1/4 Mutsuki Hayakawa Bunny Ver. 41 c

  • Kód: 110485
  • Přepravní hmotnost: 1000kg
  • Výrobce: BINDing
11153 Kč
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Original Tomboy Bunny Girl by cccpo makes her debut as a 1/4 scale figure.

Illustrated by cccpo, our Tomboy or B.B.B.B (Boyish Bunny Big Booba) Mutsuki Hayakawa has been reproduced as a 1/4 Bunny Scale Figure!!

Mutsuki's leaning posture proves the Law of Physics as some portion of her marshmallow body seems to follow suit.
This big scale figure creates an overwhelming presence as it also comes with exchangeable chest part, unlocking a much powerful bust!

Mutsuki's drip(Bunny Suit) is tailored to have a sophisticated glossy finish and her tights are actual fabric as per standard practice.
Her lower garment is also cast off!

You are now able to secure a tomboy girlfriend by welcoming the lewd and energetic Mutsuki to your homes!

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