Back to the Future II vznášející model osvětlený Function DeLo

  • Kód: 75151
  • Přepravní hmotnost: 3887kg
  • Výrobce: Kids Logic
10663 Kč
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Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.nnKids Logic Company is excited to present The DeLorean Time Machine Magnetic Levitating Version for all Back to the Future fanatics! nnThe movie-accurate DeLorean collectible vehicle is a levitating time machine with that includes a magnetic floating base. This officially licensed collectible is very detailed and specially crafted based on the film. It features a meticulously crafted exterior with openable doors and movable wheels. The wheels are changeable with two sets for both normal and flying, as well as more than 10 LED light-up features. nnFans of Back To The Future II should not miss the chance to order this incredible collectible. nnPower supply with US - EU Adapter included.

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