Alien vs. Predator stolní hra The Hunt Begins 2nd Edition *Ge

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In the darkness of uncharted space aboard the crippled colony vessel USCSS Theseus there is nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, and in space, everyone will hear you scream!The Hunt Begins Is a fast-paced, claustrophobic, express elevator to hell Miniature game of combat between three of the most dangerous races in the galaxy. Join the ranks of the brave men and women of the US Colonial Marines and arm yourself with state-of-the-art weaponry or take command of the elite cadre of Predators, an alien race of hunters that seek the finest prey to stalk, hunt, and eliminate. The darkness holds more horrors than these two adversaries... The Xenomorphs, one of the deadliest of all known alien species with the potential to destroy and eradicate all sentient life.The Hunt Begins offers two challenging game modes, which can be played by one or more players. The first of which is Competitive, in which all races battle against one another in mission and objective based combat. The second is Cooperative: A fragile alliance has been drawn between the Marines and the Predators, neither of which can survive alone against the Alien threat.- Players: 1-3- Recommended Age: 12 years and up- Playing Time: 30-90 minutesAvP: The Hunt Begins 2nd Edition includes: Models: - 10 Infant Aliens - 5 Stalker Aliens - 3 Predators - 5 Colonial MarinesDice: 3 D20 DiceCards: - 2 Alien Stat Cards - 3 Predator Stat Cards - 5 Colonial Marine Stat Card - 20 Environmental Cards - 20 Mission Cards - 60 Strategy Cards (20 for each Faction)Board game Tiles: - 28 Straight Corridors - 8 Crossroads - 8 T-Shape - 8 L-Shape - 8 Dead-end - 6 Air Vent Tiles - 7 Rooms (Lab, Escape Capsule, Armoury, Bridge, Hibernation Room, Engine Room and Predator Pod)Other Peripherals: - 149 Wound, Ping!, Activated, Sentry, Hide and Objective Tokens - 20 Door Pieces

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